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Parents have complained for decades about undisciplined children and young adults, but few know how to remedy this problem. Therefore, we work with families, children, and young adults to instill the proper guidance and instruction to the younger generation with such values as respect, fair treatment of others, listening, unnecessary body language, not talking back and etc.
Our program uses motivational speeches, skits, and music to teach kids better behavior in a way that is fun for them. Many of our performances include talented young people from various schools and communities, which helps make the youth watching relate to the program. We also hold mentoring programs for the youth with qualified behavior specialists.
We have appeared on popular talk shows such as, "Talking with Felica", "Yeshua Ministries", "Real Women Real Talk Radio", "New Praise Radio" and we work with a variety of schools, churches and communities.

Here below is the show on Real Women Real Talk Radio for you youth called "You Matter More".

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Real Women Real Talk Radio Brandon and Crystal.mp3

Christal Johnson...

I was born and raised in a small Midwestern town. At the age of five I knew I had a gift to help people in an uplifting way. Although I did not have a lot to give, what I did have I would either share or give away, even if it was my last. As I grew into my childhood I would always say to myself that I wanted to be an example of a better person.

Throughout my childhood, teenage, young adult, and now adult years I love to give whether it's physical things or helping an individual with life. Growing up in a musical family my father was a gifted musician. The creativity of the music later allowed me to write songs and record songs. Throughout my life I would sing and join various shows win singing contest, take lessons to improve my gift and ability to be better at singing. As I reached a point in my life and raised a family singing was put on the back burner. I always would somehow join different things throughout the years like being part of the choir for several years just to keep the pipes going. I later started working with my kids in music writing positive music and songs for their generation.


Today I am the co-creator, CEO, singer/songwriter, writer  and a motivational speaker with a program called, “Kids on the Right Path”. We teach and develop good behavior within the young generation.  If there is something missing in a child’s character or personality we fill that void to better them for their future. This will enable them to become a decent human being throughout society; and to connect with the Universal language of Positivity. As life moves through the younger generation this will enable a cause effect through music that will be contagious throughout the World. I am an experienced and dedicated intercessory prayer warrior. Prayer is a tool of the kingdom and it works. Recently we have begun a series of social media outreach. The numbers of those watching are large and a blessing. My goal is to bring the messages that are 'right' for today. Join me on my u-tube page. 

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The Music Video to the #1 song "Always Keep it Positive"

Brandon Paul Johnson...

AKA Lightening also known as Mr. Positive is a voice for this generation. He creates positive messages and gives advice on social media about knowing self-worth, self-love, how to have healthy relationships and all paths of motivation that will simply enrich your life. 

Mr. Johnson graduated from Cal State University Channel Islands in business. He exercises his degree with this non-profit organization, "Kids On the Right Path." This organziation instills children with the power of positivity from Mr. Positive himself.  He utilizes his upbringing and skill to give them instruction in good behavior that effectively builds character.

Follow him as he makes a positive impact. Always Keep It Positive! Click picture below:


Upon graduation with a Degree in Business Brandon is co-founder of Kids on the Right Path and CEO of The Brandon Paul Johnson Brand with exceptional music, inspirational speaking engagements and he was a leader in Dream Tour 2016. He is working in the business world in Southern California. Creator of his motivational movement Always Keep it Positive. Talented in acting and developing a growing dossier in the industry. Brandon is a creative genius and gifted in the marketing and social media reach. Watch his video he created called "Pray On It".

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Justina Lynn Johnson...

JusTina Lynn Johnson moved to Santa Clarita, California from Lithonia, Georgia. Now living in Los Angeles, California she is double majoring in both Communication and Television Video and Film at California State University of Los Angeles.

In college JusTina has learned how to work in front and behind the camera in, broadcasting, film, audio and writing.

As to graduating from college in 2019, Justina’s goals are to work in the film industry, writing, producing her own films. She would like to have her own show being a positive role model for teens and adults both men and women.


She has worked at companies like NBC 4 and Telemundo 52 also with Media Girls LA, interviewing actors/ film makers and many more talented people in the film industry.

Justina is an intergal part of the Kids On The Right Path ministry and she is musically talented as well and an inspirational speaker and a role model with an emphasis on what a young woman can do in the real world to remain pure and passionate for her future. 

Paul Johnson

I believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I know that they are one. God is a Spirit that dwells within us. Jesus, His son that died just for us and has taken our sins as a burden so that we might live and live abundantly. The bible tells us that we must first know Jesus His son. My mission is to pattern after God’s word to go into all Nations and preach the Gospel just like the disciples did. To full fill and enrich the Kingdom of God with His power and His Glory for the end times to come as promised. My children are a reflection of myself and they shine bright when the path where they are directed is right.


Currently working in a serious local business in management. A father of two gifted obedient and wonderful children. I am a husband and head of my household. Minister of the Gospel since 2008 with an emphasis to the outreach ministry for Family, Children and Young Adults. Teacher of Bible Studies and counselor along with my wife to families and the youth of America. We feed the homeless and work with Food Banks in our local community.

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