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Our experienced team of leaders are ready to advise, guide and direct kids everywhere in the ways of the wisdom founded by God and His Word. We are a 501C-3 Non-Profit Organization.
Your gift to us is one to you as it is tax deductible.
We began walking as Kingdom believers 30 years ago and have a heart and passion for all of God's people no matter who they are or what their status is. This ministry has a call and is purposed to help His people particularly the youth. God will be using the youth this season in a magnificent way. We are here to lead them into their divine destiny.
Listening is an important part of behavior in children, teenagers, young adults and the adults that raise them including the family through generations. When listening takes place it results in better communication and allows everyone understanding leading all to function on one accord.

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Remembering the reasons for the unconditional love for years to come...

Our Mission...

We believe our call is to teach children, teens, young adults important family values and life lessons through the ministry outreach of music, motivational speeches, and performance.
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More of an excellent example really can't be found. This family knows the wisdom to live the life with victory! They are on to something here. What a pleasure to know them and watch them grow.

Dr. John and Dr. Rebecca Tatum.

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We are a family in the ministry of the kingdom with a heart and a focus on the kids of America. God will use them in a powerful way when they are on the right path. 

Christal Johnson
Paul Johnson
Brandon Paul Johnson
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